Honeymoon in St. Lucia

We left March 10th, 2001

Day one!

This is Brad only after one hour in the sun.

You guess it he was not wearing sunscreen.


Here is our view from our room.
Sandels the best place any can go to.
Me in our bathroom.
Veronica taking a pose in front of a sailboat.

Take a closer look.

Relaxing in the hammock.
In the jeep on our way to the rainforest nature walk.

Here I am still resting.
Brad on the jeep.
Here is the cove wear cruise ships dock.
Here I am holding a cocoa pod.
Bradly posing next to a bird of paradise
In back of me is St. Lucia's volcano
Little waterfall
More bird paradise. They grow like weeds.
Python they are everywhere.
Brad and I in middle of the rainforest.
We are almost done hiking the sun is poking through.
Here is our rastafarian guide Joe.
This field is all bananna trees.
We are on the way to Snorkle
Look closer it is Brad water skiing
Take a close look that is Brad jumping to

spike the volleyball.

Here is brad waterskiing again.
This is Sandles pool at the golf resort.
Brad is in the gazebo.
Here we are so roasted but happy.
I am holding the sun in the palm of my hand.
The clear waters of St. Lucia and Me.
The Newly Weds
Japanese restaurant at the golf resort.